Bachelor thesis: Cloud Computing Concepts and Technologies


I had the “fortunate” opportunity of becoming a student in early 2000s – a period in which Bologna Process was forming academic degree standards in Europe which is today known as Bologna Declaration document. When I graduated college in year 2007, I was expecting a degree that was promised by the school – a bachelor’s degree, but I didn’t get one as Bologna Process wasn’t finished. What I had got was an academic title of a Bachelor of Engineering that couldn’t be easily recognized in the rest of the world I suppose.

As in the meanwhile the Bologna Declaration was signed, I decided to claim the bachelor’s title that belongs to me. What I had to do was to put together an extra one more bachelor thesis document, so I decided to write about cloud computing. Although it is completely written in Serbian language, here’s an English abstract that describes the main goals so you can get the impression of what’s it about:


This paper describes the cloud computing model and technology.

The first section presents virtualization technology, whose introduction and wider acceptance enabled architecting of optimized data centers which can nowadays support the cloud computing model. In addition to general definitions, terms and types of virtualization, also being presented are a number of leading open-source virtualization projects.

The second chapter deals with the topic of cloud computing. It interprets the architecture, presents the characteristics and describes deployment and service models.

The last chapter presents a number of popular open-source software projects for implementing the infrastructure as a service cloud model. It also specifies the typical and general Service License Agreement conditions, and gives a comprehensive real-world implementation example on the case of Amazon Web Services.


If you can read in Serbian language feel free to download and check my work:

Note that the presentation PDF is more like a quick personal reminder than a real presentation (lots of small sized fonts 🙂 ).


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