Servers and racks compability (EIA-310)

One of the things to check in a planning process of acquiring a new rack-mount server, is if it will fit in your existing server rack. As states: not all racks are created equal and not all servers will fit in all racks.

No mater if you have a 19″ rack, some servers might not fit in. There is a standard named EIA-310-D which defines “standard rack” and specifies design features for 19″ racks.

The problem is that this standard does not define some details such as how deep is rack’s mounting width, rack holes (threaded, rounded, square…). For example, rack holes are the number one problem for server and rack incompatibility. Things should be good if you have square holes on your rack – you can always add threads with a cage nut if you need them.

In December of 1995 the EIA-310-D standard was updated. The changes made were mostly grammatical. The mechanical requirements were left unchanged. The updated documentation was originally known as EIA-310-E. It is currently referred to as EIA/ECA-310-E

So, be careful when choosing new servers for your racks, always double check the compatibility between them.

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